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News items

International police officers to ensure security at World Cup

Tuesday, June 6, 2006

During the World Cup, international police officers, in cooperation with the Federal Police, will be responsible for ensuring security at the borders, on trains and at airports.

"I would like to thank you for the valuable contribution you and your colleagues in the Federal Police have made to making the World Cup a great success. As the All-Nations Team of the European police you have already earned the title of champions of practical security cooperation", Federal Minister of the Interior Schäuble said in his welcome address.
In his speech the minister pointed out the historical significance of this international cooperation which has set standards in terms of its scope and quality.
"An inherent part of this is that you are granted certain powers for the duration of your deployment with the Federal Police. Your uniforms will not just increase the sense of security amongst our citizens and visitors. With your colourful and peaceful coexistence, you will be providing a concrete example of how European cooperation functions in a practical and effective way", the Minister of the Interior explained.
Working alongside their colleagues in the Federal Police the officers will wear their national uniform and will have the right to perform identity checks, eject people from the stadiums and make arrests.
Joint training sessions have covered communication and cooperation skills which will be put into practice in the coming days and weeks. The Federal Police are making full use of their powers under Federal Police Law for this security operation during the World Cup and are also building on past experience. Tri-national train patrols with Italy and Austria, cooperation with the Italian police at the Oktoberfest and joint cross-border operations with their Dutch colleagues on board trains during international matches are tried and tested elements of the Federal Police security concept.

Picture of a Dutch fan and a small girl wearing the shirt of the French national team