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News items

Germany's players thank their fans after the Confederations CupPhoto: picture-alliance / dpa

Germany looks forward to the World Cup and making new friends

Monday, May 8, 2006

It all starts on 9 June 2006 when the World Cup opening match between Germany and Costa Rica kicks off in Munich. We are in the home stretch of the preparations marathon: All partners have worked magnificently together – we are ready for the World Cup.

Germany plays host to the world and the world's eyes will be on Germany for four weeks. Millions of football fans will have the opportunity to watch 64 matches in 12 stadiums. Billions all over the world will be able to follow the action on television.  Germany is expecting 1.5 million guests from abroad alone and is looking forward to welcoming its guests.
Germany is fully-prepared for the World Cup. The Federal Government supported the German Football Association (DFB) during the application process and made guarantees to FIFA. Large-scale events like the World Cup could not be staged without this support. In co-operation with the Organising Committee (OC), led by Franz Beckenbauer, the World Cup host cities, the business community and other key partners these government guaranties have meanwhile been fulfilled completely
Stadiums, transport, security
The guarantees made by the Federal Government for the World Cup include labour law regulations and granting visas. Special attention has been paid to the security issue: This has led to the development and implementation of a national security plan so that fans and visitors alike can experience a great sports event in peace.
The transport infrastructure has been brought up to World Cup standards. Match tickets are valid for free use of public transport on match days.
Land of Ideas - Land of culture
Germany will show its best sides at the World Cup. The Federal Government and business have financed and launched the “Germany – Land of Ideas” campaign. The campaign demonstrates that Germany's strengths are the wealth of ideas and the creativeness and creativity of its inhabitants.
The Federal Government's World Cup Artistic and Cultural Programme has already been enthusiastically received by thousands of visitors. The Football Globe and its smaller brother, the Football Globe Germany, are crowd pullers worldwide.
Investment marketing and service campaign
Germany is an attractive place for foreign investment. "Invest in Germany", the federal investment marketing agency is using the opportunity presented by the World Cup to show the strengths of German industry and the people who work in it.
>> Invest in Germany
Germany smiles
Germany is a popular tourist destination. The German National Tourist Board is running a national service campaign with financial support from the Federal Government to ensure that guests feel at home. Germany is looking forward to welcoming its guests and rolling out the red carpet, as shown on the campaign logo.
A land full of anticipation
Only a few weeks left before the big kick-off: Then we're off! The games will be played. At the end there will only be one country holding the World Cup but many other winners too. Chancellor Angela Merkel is convinced, "The spark of anticipation and understanding among nations at the FIFA World Cup will spring from Germany to the entire world. I am looking forward to seeing an abundance of goals in many enthralling and fair football matches. As Germans, we will naturally cheer on our team but at the same time, we want to be a great host and offer friendship to all the other teams and their fans. Passionate about football and open to the world – Germany is eagerly looking forward to welcoming its guests to the FIFA World Cup 2006!"

Picture of a Dutch fan and a small girl wearing the shirt of the French national team